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About this blog

January 13th, 2011

This is a forum about the American Jail:  the corrections facility that is located throughout our cities, towns and counties.  Many citizens see a jail, but few really know what a jail is, what it does, who it confines and what types of people would go to work every day in a seemingly thankless environment.   I worked over 27 years in a local jail and had various job assignments, plus I have conducted training throughout the U.S.  Inside our nation’s jails are highly trained, competent and professional men and women, both sworn and non sworn.  This is important because jails have not been given attention from the media and institutions of higher learning.  In many colleges and universities jails are mentioned, but not really examined.

This blog will be balanced, looking at both positive and negative things that are occurring in U.S. jails.  Most importantly, this will be a forum to shed light on jail operations and people-inmates and staff.

In any serious discussion, comments and feedback are welcome.

Thanks for the opportunity to bring to the corrections forefront issues about…..The American Jail.

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